Results, Scores and Trends

i-Score Baccarat display/monitor for results, scores, trends, predictor
i-Score Baccarat Predictor display for trends, Baccarat statistics and scores
i-Score display/monitor for Baccarat scores, results, predictor, trends

The i-SCORE allows you to post baccarat round results instantly and features numerous customizable display options.

Featuring multiple, easy to use format display options, the i-SCORE baccarat viewer makes it easy for operators to display current game results and trends on a table mounted LCD display. Its user friendly input keypad enables dealers to quickly record the results of each baccarat round once complete, and once the data is received, the i-SCORE automatically updates the selected baccarat trends and displays the results on an electronic scorecard. Further, it is designed to work seamlessly with i-SHOE™ AUTO intelligent shoe to provide the ultimate in versatility and productivity for any operator.

i-SCORE PLUS is now available ! 24-inch display with beautiful graphics & animations.